Rapid Engineering LLC specializes in Building Air Management and Industrial Process and Finishing Equipment. Rapid Engineering LLC is an innovative leader in providing high-efficiency air management systems. HVAC Equipment includes direct-fired, indirect-fired and air turnover. Industrial Process and Finishing Equipment consists
of batch ovens, pre-treatment stations, dry-off and cure ovens, custom washers, custom ovens and custom finishing equipment.

HVAC applications include commercial kitchens, industrial warehouses, manufacturing centers, industrial buildings, distribution centers, retail outlets, and many more.

Industrial Process and Finishing Equipment applications include product finishing needs in a variety of manufacturing processes such as transportation, furniture, aerospace, farm equipment and much more. RAPID®'s industrial process and finishing equipment focuses on corrosion prevention processes, contaminant removal, parts cleaning and degreasing, surface preparation, water elimination, coating process, metal preparation and many more.

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