HVAC Air Turnover 7500 Series Overview

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Air Turnover Unit

RAPID® 7500-Series is an indirect-fired air turnover system that, in most cases, utilizes 100% return air. As a result, these units are ideal for buildings that require little or no outside air, such as warehouses and distribution facilities. While the air turnover units are primarily used in heating applications, the equipment can also be fitted with filters and/or mechanical cooling.

An air turnover system draws in cool air from the floor and surrounding areas. The cool air is then pulled up through the unit and heated as it passes over a three-pass or four-pass drum-and-tube style heat exchanger. The standard heat exchanger consists of a stainless steel primary heat exchanger and a cold-rolled steel secondary heat exchanger; a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger is available as an option. Once the air is heated; it is forced out through the top of the unit. Due to a constant recirculation of air throughout the building, there is a minimal temperature difference throughout the building.The units are quiet and efficient, using axial fans to move large quantities of air.

The air turnover units can be controlled by a room thermostat and have the option of a night setback thermostat with time clock.