HVAC Direct-Fired 2000 Series Overview

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  1. Improved indoor air quality - Helps dilute airborne contaminants making exhaust systems operate more efficiently
  2. Augment existing ventilation system - Unit can be designed to automatically modulate outdoor air volume from 20% to 100% to help meet ventilation requirements in cold weather and decrease heat buildup in warm weather
  3. More consistent temperatures and less stratification - Optional cooling effectively reduces indoor air temperatures to help keep people and processes productive
  4. Coast savings - Heating systems deliver 100% of the heat generated into the building resulting in energy savings
  5. Flexibility and convenience - Heating systems require little to no ductwork and can be installed indoors or outdoors
  6. Evaporative and mechanical cooling packages available
  7. Ease of management and control - Optional computer-based intelligent controls provide system information easily and effectively
Reliable, Efficient System Operation Provided by:
  1. 30:1 fully modulating burner that maintains 100% combustion efficiency
  2. Double-width, double-inlet, forward-curved centrifugal fan built for long life
  3. Energy-saving ignition system
  4. System that puts 100% of the available heat in the airstream, not out a flue
  5. Unit that uses up to 50% less energy
  6. Remote Control Panel for easy operation and remote temperature adjustment
  7. Electronic fuel modulation providing immediate response
  8. UV scanner for excellent reliability and durability on Models 2010 - 2050
  9. Temperature dial for quick, easy adjustment
  10. Operation of fan only in warm weather to enjoy free ventilation cooling
  11. Compliance to ETL per ANSI Z83.18 or Z83.4 standards
  12. Industry-leading 80-point checklist to help facilitate trouble-free startup
2000-Series Intelligent Controls Features:
  1. Module can monitor, diagnose, log and report on more than 30 functions including temperature, humidity and building pressure
  2. Windows™ -based displays simplify set up and changes
  3. Hourly collection of air handler data allows trending and in-depth analysis
  4. Compatible via modem or internet with Bacnet®, ModBus®, N2Bus®, Lonworks®, etc. systems
Model Configurations

Make-up Air (MUA) Models
Make-up Air (MUA) Model Design: 100% replacement air with a fixed discharge air volume
Function: Supplies direct replacement air for building mechanical exhaust
Application: Used as make-up air for industrial processes which incorporate mechanical exhaust
Air Management (AM) Models (Not available on Model 2005)
Air Management (AM) Model Design: Variable outdoor air from 20% to 100% and a modulating burner with a 30:1 turndown ratio. Discharge air volume is fixed.
Function: Automatically responds to building pressure and temperature needs.
Application: Used in industrial and commercial buildings that have air quality and specific air management requirements
Fixed Recirculation (FR) Models(Not available on Model 2005)
Fixed Recirculation (FR) Model Design: Fixed 80% air turnover rate and 20% outdoor air replacement rate. Discharge air volume is fixed.
Functions: Provides efficient, low-cost heating where minimum ventilation rates are required
Application: Used in warehouses, distribution centers, retail outlets, etc.

Other 2000-Series Options:
  1. 10" or 20" Roof Curb simplifies rooftop mounting
  2. Inlet Hood protects against water entrainment
  3. Filter Section with polylink or aluminum filters for longer equipment life of internal components
  4. Motorized Inlet Damper for exfiltration control
  5. FM/IRI approved gas trains
  6. Upright heater stand or legs of varying heights

2000-Series Conventional Controls' Options:
  1. Low-temperature automatic shutdown
  2. Space temperature control for added comfort
  3. 7-day time clock
  4. Remote Control Panel with burner and blower switches for easy operation
  5. Mild weather stat

Long Lasting Construction Provided by:
  1. Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel construction
  2. Sturdy, integral frame that is screwed and bolted together for durability and longer service life
  3. Unpainted galvanized or white finishes available
  4. Heavy-duty, factory-installed motor and drive package designed for long-lasting performance
  5. Heavy-duty, pre-lubricated bearings provide up to 30,000 hours of ABMA L-10 performance

Ease of Maintenance Provided by:
  1. Large access panel for easy maintenance of blower, motor, drives and burner
  2. Blower installed downstream of burner for convenient access

Mezzanine-Supported Roof-Mounted
Mezzanine Supported Roof Mounted
Suspended (Wall or Roof Inlet) Horizontal on Legs (Indoor or Outdoor)
Suspended Wall or Roof Inlet Horizontal on Legs - Indoor or Outdoor
Upright Outdoor Upright Indoor
Upright Outdoor Upright Indoor
OA = Outside Air DA = Discharge Air RA = Return Air