HVAC Direct-Fired 2000 Series Overview

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Direct-Fired 2000 Series Heater

The RAPID® 2000-Series is a line of direct-fired air handlers capable of heating, cooling and pressurization. The units are available in four air styles: MUA (100% outside air with a constant discharge air volume), AM (modulating outside/return air with a constant discharge air volume), FR (fixed 20% outside/80% return air with a constant discharge air volume) and VAV (100% outside air with a variable discharge air volume). All models and styles are available in upright or horizontal as well as indoor or outdoor configurations.

RAPID® 2000-Series units are highly durable, with a sturdy, integral frame that is screwed and bolted together and pre-lubricated bearings with an ABMA L10 rated life of 30,000 hours. All units include a general access panel for easy maintenance of the burner and motor as well as a bearing access panel.

The units can be customized to fit a wide range of applications including industrial facilities, commercial buildings and warehouses/distribution facilities. Many accessories, including inlet hoods, legs, stands, roof curbs, and filter sections, make the units flexible and easy to install.