HVAC Direct-Fired 4000 Series Overview

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Direct-Fired 4000 Series Heater

The RAPID® 4000-Series is a customizable direct-fired heating, cooling and pressurization system. Available from 5,000-150,000 CFM, the units are available in four different air styles- MUA (100% outside air with a fixed discharge air volume), FR (fixed 80% return air / 20% outside air with a fixed discharge air volume), AM (modulating return air / outside air with a fixed discharge air volume) and VAV (100% outside air with a variable discharge air volume). These four different air styles, along with the availability of evaporative cooling, mechanical cooling, post-cooling reheat and a wide variety of accessories, make these units extremely flexible and able to meet a wide variety of heating and cooling needs.

RAPID® 4000-Series are extremely durable and long-lasting, constructed with an external skin welded to an internal structural steel framework, airfoil fans and heavy-duty fan bearings with an ABMA L-10 rated life of 100,000 hours. All models and air styles are available in upright and horizontal as well as indoor and outdoor configurations.

The units feature the RAPID® ICS Digital controls. These controls can monitor, diagnose, log and report on more than thirty functions including temperature, humidity and building pressure. The Windows™ - based system is extremely user-friendly with interactive displays that simplify initial air handler setup and changes to units in operation.