HVAC Energy Recovery Modules

Energy Recovery Modules

Energy Recovery Modules Rapid Engineering LLC combines energy efficient properties of direct-fired, make-up air handlers with energy recovery modules to offer maximum energy efficiency. Direct-fired technology is 100% thermal efficient. Additional efficiencies can be realized by the unitís backward inclined wheel. Adding an energy recovery module to an already efficient air handler furthers enhances energy efficiency.

With an air-to-air plate exchanger, RAPID® Energy Recovery Modules capture heat from the air handlerís exhaust air and transfer it to the incoming air at an efficiency of 60% - 62% (AHRI certified.) The energy savings achieved helps result in a quick return on investment; many paybacks are less than 2 years!

Energy Recovery Modules

Energy recovery can be beneficial to a variety of commercial and industrial applications, whether new or retrofit installations. RAPIDô Energy Recovery Modules have been installed in military buildings, chemical plants and process manufacturing facilities Ė just to name a few!

RAPID® Energy Recovery Modules can be used with direct- or indirect-fired heating or cooling sections. Since the moduleís plate-style design does not have moving parts, longer equipment life and minimal maintenance can be expected. Standard available air flows are 2,000 CFM to 60,000 CFM.

An added benefit of RAPID® Energy Recovery Modules is operation flexibility. During summer ventilation or when using a mechanical cooling section or when frost prevention is required, face and bypass dampers may be used to divert outside or return air around the energy recovery module.

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