HVAC Indirect-Fired 8500 Series Features & Benefits

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  1. Discharge air free of combustion by-products.
  2. High efficiency due to three or four pass heat exchanger design.
  3. Longer part longevity: Motors, belts and bearings are placed out of the airstream.
  4. Rugged, heavy-duty construction: Unit cabinet is supported by welded steel frame. Casing is finish-coated to help protect against corrosion.
  5. Evaporative and mechanical cooling packages available.
  6. Modular design allows for custom configurations to meet customers' needs.
Reliable, Efficient System Operation Provided by:
  1. Double-width, double-inlet, forward-curved Class I, AMCA rated centrifugal fan
  2. System that does not contaminate heated air with combustion by-products
  3. Operation of fan only in warm weather to enjoy free ventilation cooling
  4. Full-floating, stainless stell primary heat exchanger
  5. Multiple blowers on tubular steel blower shafts (on most models)
  6. Mounting and wiring of all necessary operating starters, relays, switches, safety control and fuses
  7. Variable pitch drive pulley (up through 10 hp)
  8. ODP motors with adjustable motor mounts
Long Lasting Construction Provided by:
  1. Rugged angle steel base frame on every unit section to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling
  2. Fabricated sheet panels that virtually eliminate rattling or rumbing
  3. Extra long life self aligning bearings sized for industrial duty
  4. White painted finish
  5. Double-wall heat exchanger module
Ease of Maintenance Provided by:
  1. Modular designed sections
  2. Convenient access to heat exchangers and blower module for field service
  3. Optional service platforms on upright units
8500-Series Controls' Options:
  1. Remote Station with room or discharge thermostat for easy operation and remote temperature adjustment
  2. UL listed
  3. Audible alarm for flame failure
  4. Clogged filter indicator
  5. Service Receptacle
  6. Unit-mounted on/off toggle switch
8500-Series Options:
  1. Natural gas, propane gas or oil burners available
  2. Roof curbs and vertical stands simplify mounting
  3. Fresh air hood with birdscreen helps protect against water entrainment
  4. V-bank filter section with disposable or cleanable filters for longer equipment life of internal components
  5. Motorized two-position inlet or discharge damper for exfiltration control
  6. Gas trains approved to FM, IRI, or other special code requirements
  7. Insulated and/or weatherized sections available for outdoor units
Model Configurations

Make-up Air (MUA) Models
Indirect-Fired Make-up Air MUA Model Design: 100% replacement air with a fixed discharge air volume
Function: Supplies direct replacement air for building mechanical exhaust
Application: Used as a make-up air for paint booths and other industrial processes which incorporate mechanical exhaust
Fixed Recirculation (FR) Models
Indirect-Fired Fixed Recirculation FR Model Design: Manual modulation of outdoor air from 0% to 100% with use of mixing box and potentiometer
Function: Provides efficient, low-cost heating where minimum ventiation rates are required
Application: Used in warehouses, distribution centers, retail outlets, etc
Air Management (AM) Models
Indirect-Fired Air Management AM Model Design: Automatic modulation of outdoor air from 0% to 100% with the use of mixing box and pressure gauge
Function: Automatically responds to building pressure and temperature needs
Application: Used in industrial and commercial buildings that have air quality and specific air management requirements

Optional Cooling Packages

Evaporative Cooling

Rapid® 8500-Series evaporative cooling system is an economical cooling solution. It requires no air-cooled condenser, no chiller or cooling tower, no chilled water pumps or distribution piping/insulation, no major motor control center or electrical gear. Operating costs are a fraction of similar-capacity mechanical refigeration systems.

Evaporative cooling works when warm air passes over specially treated wetted media. The heat passes from the air to the wetted media, causing the water to evaporate and inside air to cool.

Mechanical Cooling

For situations requiring temperature and humidity levels lower than the performance parameters available with outdoor air alone or with evaporative cooling, RAPID™ 8500-Series offer a broad range of cooling options.

Cooling options can be added by simply installing coil sections equipped with the appropriate cooling coils and a condensing unit or chiller. The versatility afforded by the coil section enables you to utilize DX refrigerant, chilled water or other types of cooling coils in your system.

Discharge Options

Horizontal Unit/Horizontal Discharge Upright Unit/Top Left Discharge Upright Unit/Bottom Left Discharge
Indirect-Fired Horizontal Unit/Horizontal Discharge Indirect-Fired Upright Unit/Top Left Discharge Indirect-Fired Upright Unit/Bottom Left Discharge
Horizontal Unit/Bottom Discharge Upright Unit/Top Right Discharge Upright Unit/Bottom Right Discharge
Indirect-Fired Horizontal Unit/Bottom Discharge Indirect-Fired Upright Unit/Top Right Discharge Indirect-Fired Upright Unit/Bottom Right Discharge
Horizontal Unit/Top Discharge Upright Unit/Top Discharge Upright Unit/Bottom Discharge
Indirect-Fired Horizontal Unit/Top Discharge Indirect-Fired Horizontal Unit/Top Discharge Indirect-Fired Upright Unit/Bottom Discharge

OA = Outside Air DA = Discharge Air RA= Return Air