HVAC Indirect-Fired 8500 Series Overview

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Indirect-Fired Heater

RAPID® 8500-Series are indirect-fired air handlers that can be designed to heat, pressurize or cool. The units are available in three different configurations: The Make-Up Air configuration (MUA) supplies 100% outside air for direct replacement of building mechanical exhaust. The Fixed Recirculation configuration (FR) provides a manually-controlled mix of return air and outside air. This offers efficient, low-cost heating where minimum ventilation rates are required. Finally, the Air Management configuration (AM) provides a mix of return air and outside air which is automatically modulated based on building pressure needs. This model is ideal for industrial and commercial buildings that have specific air and temperature requirements.

The rugged, heavy-duty construction includes cabinets supported by a welded steel frame and casing that is finish-coated to help protect against corrosion. Motors, belts and bearings are placed out of the air stream which result in longer part longevity. With a heat exchanger, the units do not contaminate the heated air with combustion by-products.

During the warm weather, the fan can operate as free ventilation for cooling. Evaporative and mechanical cooling packages are also available.