Industrial Process and Finishing Equipment (IPFE) Overview

Rapid Engineering LLC manufactures finishing systems and components for a wide variety of markets.

Rapid Engineering LLC designs and manufactures industrial finishing systems and their individual components, including pre-treatment washers, dry-off ovens, powder application rooms, make-up air units, cure ovens, conveyor systems and cooling tunnels. In addition, Rapid Engineering LLC produces a complete line of batch system products, including pretreatment stations, washers and ovens. Batch ovens up to 12' x 12' x 50' are available for delivery in 5 weeks. And many of these products are available in Install-It-Yourself versions which can save customers up to 30% off the cost of preassembled versions.

RAPID®'s Industrial and Process Finishing Systems are extensively used by manufacturers of metal and plastic parts for the automobile, furniture, material handling, architectural and recreational product markets. Coatings used in these systems include various liquid or powder, as well as the following substrate materials: metal, plastic, wood, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), leather and others.

Systems and special equipment also are manufactured for companies providing finishing and coating services under contract where versatility in processes, part material and part size are required. Systems for powder coating MDF have been successfully designed and installed for interior office furniture markets.

The Industrial Process and Finishing Systems for organic coatings are installed throughout North America and are provided in "Turnkey" and "Install-It-Yourself" configurations for batch and continuous coating lines.

The RAPID® Advantage:
  1. Project management support
  2. A single source supply for all components
  3. Extensive experience
  4. Complete design, manufacturing, installation and service capabilities
  5. Quality products and reliable performance
  6. AutoCAD engineering and design technology
  7. On-time and on-budget system delivery