Industrial Finishing Custom Washers Features & Benefits

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  1. Tanks designed and constructed to meet your system's capacity and flow requirements
  2. Durable tunnel construction specifications
  3. Helps prevent corrosion due to solid, "no-leak" seams, joints and fittings
  4. Ease of maintenance and chemical recharging
  5. Spray systems are sized to provide optimum flow and pressure while meeting minimum space requirements
  6. Liquid conservation available through reverse cascading
  7. Decreased chemical usage
Also available:
  1. Mild or stainless steel
  2. Water recovery systems
  3. Automatic chemical feed
  4. PLC controls
  5. Washer retrofits and service
Some of the Rapid™ Advantages:
  1. Washers are constructed of high quality materials to extend equipment life and to help ensure resistance to corrosion
  2. Washers are designed and built to help meet or exceed the recommendations of pre-treatment chemical suppliers
  3. Rapid Engineering specifies pumps, valves and gauges of high quality, providing optimum operating control and exceptional reliability
  4. Rapid Engineering can provide you with an efficient heat-exchange system for your washer using plate-and-frame, direct-fired gas immersion tubes or steam coil arrangements
  5. Clip-on spray nozzle allow for quick adjustment and easy maintenance
  6. Sloped-bottom tanks, with clean-out doors, hinged tunnel access doors and a full-length catwalk, provide you with easy access to your washer's components, simplifying washer maintenance
  7. Compliane with FM or IRI insurance standards