Standard Electric Batch Ovens Overview

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Electric Batch Oven

Available in three sizes and designed for 450° F (230° C) operating temperature, our standard electric batch ovens can be used to bake, cure or dry items with various coatings and substrates. These ovens use a bank of durable, electric heating elements and recirculated air to heat products efficiently. Available in three heat outputs (15, 30, 60 kW) and two airflows (2400 or 4800 CFM), RAPID™ standard electric batch ovens are heavy duty construction. The 4” (100 mm) thick, heavy-gauge wall and roof panels are composed of a painted, cold-rolled steel exterior and an aluminized steel interior. Factory-assembled and tested, our standard electric batch ovens are available in two styles for easy access: walk-in, floor mounted design or bench-type model. With electrical elements and exhaust blower on the roof, RAPID™ standard electric batch ovens take up less floor space.

Standard features include: electronic temperature controls, batch timer with alarm device, easy to use control panel and a set of sturdy, hinged doors on one end. Other options include: powered exhaust fans, extra doors sets and input voltage options.

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