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Make-Up Air Continuing Education

HVAC & Mechanical Engineers: Attend our webinar & earn continuing education credits!

We offer an inexpensive (it’s FREE!), easy, convenient way to learn about direct-fired, make-up air handlers by attending our accredited webinar approved in many states.

Our one-hour presentations are each worth one (1) Continuing Education (CE) hour.

Industrial Integration of a Hybrid Infrared & Gas Fired Make Up Air Heating System

Instructor: Don Larsson

Learn about the patent pending Virtual Wall hybrid heating system that provides outside air, filtration & zoned heating for industrial buildings. This unique combination ensures safety, indoor air quality, comfort & efficiency with the added benefit of potential LEED credit points. Participants will gain an understanding of LEED credits that apply to Virtual Wall, as well as the features & benefits of this hybrid HVAC system that outperforms conventional industrial heating & ventilating systems.

Virtual Wall combines two, best-in-class technologies for breakthrough safety, indoor air quality, occupant comfort & efficiency:

RAPID® direct fired make up air units AND gas-fired, infrared heaters

Virtual Wall ties direct-fired make up air handlers & low-intensity infrared heaters together nicely using common controls architecture for full compatibility and easy integration to BACnet or other protocols.

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