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Upgrade Our Industrial-Grade, Direct- and Indirect-Fired, Make-Up Air Handlers with New OEM HVAC Controls

Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Energy Efficiency in Industrial Buildings

Rapid Air Handlers

Replacing an entire make-up air unit instead of just updating the controls is like buying a new house when you only need a new TV.


Air Handlers Built to Last

Built to last - Our industrial-grade, make-up air handlers are known for their heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant components and construction.



Air Handler Controls


Replace the brains, not the body – Happy with the performance and reliability of your existing RAPID air handler, but need modern controls? Easy. Simply upgrade to new OEM controls and unlock powerful new features.



Vertical Air HandlerIndoor Air QualityAddress today’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency needs with:

    • Rapid Flush Mode-combat COVID, flush the building with 100% outside air
    • Energy Alert Mode-reduce energy waste by being alerted of open doors
    • I/O expandability-tie in exhaust fans, additional zone temperature sensors
    • Allen-Bradley Controllers available



Improved Indoor Air Quality

Our primary goal is to improve indoor air quality in industrial buildings, efficiently. We strive to satisfy customers with high-quality products at the best possible prices. Not only are we backed by heavy-duty products, but we’re also supported by our heavy-hitting team of industrial air experts.


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