Critical Process HVAC for Food Processing Facilities

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What is Hygienic Air Handling Equipment?

Hygienic air handlers are customized industrial HVAC air handling systems that supply clean, filtered and conditioned air to food processing rooms and critical process areas. The supplied air is managed by the air handler to control room climate, to promote elevated sanitation while hindering bacteria growth and spread. Hygienic air handling units control critical process air supply and indoor air conditions through filtration, cooling, pressurization, exhaust and heating.

How does a Hygienic Air Handler promote sanitary conditions in food processing workplaces?

Food processors must ensure our food supply is safe. Successfully eliminating opportunities for food contamination starts with sanitary conditions in all stages of the food manufacturing process.

Hygienic air handlers control the air delivered to processing, packaging and storage areas to improve sanitary conditions and reduce contamination sources by: 
Filtering Fresh Outdoor Air

Remove particulate from outdoor air supply.


Maintain refrigeration setpoints to hinder bacteria growth.

Humidity Control

Prevent condensation inside processing rooms to eliminate opportunities for bacteria to spread.


UVC light systems kill bacteria, virus and other contaminants on cooling coils.

More Filtration

Stop contaminants from entering ductwork and processing room airstream.

Creating Positive Pressure

Prevents infiltration of airborne contaminants from entering pressurized spaces from other spaces such as neighboring rooms or hallways.

Increasing Ventilation

Increased clean air supply protects workers from airborne contaminants.

Dedicated Clean-Up Cycle

Clean-up operation mode provides heated 100% make-up air and room air exhaust to quickly dry freshly washed & sanitized processing areas.  Weather-Rite hygienic air handlers also offer specially programmed operating sequences
to greatly accelerate the drying of wet walls and ceilings during processing room wash down shifts.


Where are Hygienic Air Handlers installed?

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