Wastewater Treatment Plant Indoor Air Quality


Ventilation and Filtration for Wastewater Treatment Plants

What are Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)?

Much of the water we use on a daily basis must be cleaned.  Wastewater Treatment Plants remove these contaminants and pollutants from wastewater before releasing it back into the environment.  These facilities are extremely important not only for our health but for the environment as well.


How can Direct-Fired Make-Up Air-Handlers help?

Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Handlers bring in fresh outdoor air, replacing exhaust air and heating or cooling the space in the process.  If the exhaust air is left in the space, pollutants and contaminants stay, causing health and safety concerns.  For facilities such as Wastewater Treatment Plants, this can negatively affect productivity and the service they provide.

4000-Series cutout

What are some features?

Our Make-Up Air Handlers are a perfect application for Wastewater Treatment Plants, with features such as...

  • 100% outdoor air to remove contaminants
  • Positive pressurization to increase efficiency
  • Optional chemical filtration to further increase air quality
  • Corrosion-resistant coating to withstand harsh environments
  • Other options such as explosion proof monitors, hazardous gas detectors, and more

Who uses our Direct-Fired Air Handlers?

Some our customers include...

  • Buffalo Sewer Authority
  • Denver Wastewater
  • Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Atlantic City Public Works
  • And Many More!


Wastewater Treatment Plants play a critical role in our environment, so it is important to keep them safe.  Our Make-Up Air Handlers improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants.  Check our units out to see how we can make your  Wastewater Treatment facility safer, healthier, and more productive!